“The Image of Leadership will help you to develop your professional imprint and to become the leader that you deserve to be.”

Sylvie di Giusto, Author, Speaker, Coach & Owner of Executive Image Consulting

The Image of Leadership is the result of Sylvie di Giusto’s journey through two career paths: one in the field of human resources, the other one as a professional image consultant. The title reflects the reality that everyone can and should acknowledge, which is that true leadership manifests itself in ways that are both seen and unseen.

This book will take you step-by-step through the development of your professional imprint. The focus will be on all of those things that people perceive about you, with an emphasis on your appearance and your image. It is written to be concise, easy to read and entertaining for leaders at all levels.

You’ll encounter hard data drawn from Sylvie’s research because she loves to speak from facts. She also shares countless stories from her 20 years of experience in corporations around the world, and she will prove her theories with people who are currently in the public eye. There is no other book that encourages you to learn about your image from famous politicians, CEO’s or pop stars at the same time.

As the owner of New York-based Executive Image Consulting, di Giusto shows executives how the combination of the ABCD’s – Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Digital Footprint  reveals a person’s story, and how that story becomes a company’s reputation.

Seven seconds is all it takes to make a first impression.

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But by all means, it’s not a “How-to” book, because there simply is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for a look of leadership. Instead this book provides you with a deep understanding of the most important concepts to achieve your image of leadership. Because…


... have to create your own professional imprint, which is true to your personality and which works for the duration of your long career.


... have to appear confident, authentic, professional, and respectful to be perceived as a leader—no matter your height, weight, color, age or gender.


... have to bring your interior and exterior into alignment to realize your highest personal potential.


... have to look, behave and communicate like a leader long before you are one.


... have to show people your leadership, every day, consistently.


... have only
7 seconds

to create an imprint of leadership.