“This book features a thoroughly state-of-the-art approach to helping individuals and companies understand how to create a positive, genuine image that stands out in the world – for the right reasons.”

Sylvie di Giusto, Author, Speaker, Coach & Owner of Executive Image Consulting

This book is a result of my journey through two career paths: one in the field of human resources, the other one as a professional image consultant. There have been many leaders who I’ve seen, observed, worked with, and studied throughout my career, and who have become examples in this book.

To those in the category of the great ones, I’m grateful that you exist. To the not so great ones – you may still not realize that you need help, but I do appreciate the stories you provide of what-not-to-do.

Over the years I’ve learned that while there are things that you absolutely need to know about how to present yourself in public and on the job, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. You are unique. Your situation and your aspirations are unique. It’s all about bringing the interior and exterior into alignment, and realizing your highest personal potential.

Whether you’re running for public office, seeking a plum promotion, making a big sales call, or having dinner with someone special, I want those around you to have confidence in you. I hope this book helps you to become your best possible authentic self, so that people see you as a leader and so that you see yourself as a leader.

Seven seconds is all it takes to make a first impression.

It will take just a minute to order your copy online. Let’s get started on your exciting journey to achieving your full leadership potential.

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The Image of Leadership, Sylvie di Giusto, Image Consultant, Professional Image, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Personal Branding

Foreword | By Jeffrey W. Hayzlett



Chapter 1 | Seven Seconds

Chapter 2 | Your Professional Imprint

Chapter 3 | Leaders Look Confident

Chapter 4 | Leaders Look Authentic

Chapter 5 | Leaders Look Professional

Chapter 6 | Leaders Look Respectful

Chapter 7 | Leaders Look Controlled

Chapter 8 | The Challenges of Female and Male Leaders

Chapter 9 | Leaders Lead by Example

Chapter 10 | Moving Forward


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“Sylvie di Giusto’s The Image of Leadership is so very informative. It provides those who want to succeed on all levels with the tools they need to create a well-developed personality and a strong, authentic image. And, they are the best kinds of tools – those that complement rather than overpower.  In addition, Sylvie gives a true understanding of the interconnectedness between knowledge and image – that which you present to those in leadership positions and the world.”

Alvin Valley, Fashion Designer

“When Sylvie walks into a room, she changes the temperature. When Sylvie talks, people listen. When Sylvie writes, smart people read. If ever there was a book that needed to be written for leaders, it is The Image of Leadership. If ever there was a perfect person to write it, it is Sylvie di Giusto. There is a simply truth often ignored by those in leadership positions. The first thing that people see before you say a word is how you look. And if you don’t look the part, listeners won’t hear a word you say. Want to be a more effective leader? Read Sylvie’s book.”

Jay Townsend, Political Consultant

The Image of Leadership is a refreshing wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking a non-cookie-cutter approach to stand out for the right reasons and build their leadership presence in an authentic but strategic way.  Not only are the topics in this book relevant for leaders in the 21st century, Sylvie offers concrete resources, and insight in a way that caters to the uniqueness of her readers.”

Shauna Mackenzie, Founder Best Kept Self

“Impression management has never been more critical to successful leadership than it is in today’s interactive world. This book catapults the reader light years ahead of those who, through years of trial and error, are yet unable to leverage their image as a strategic tool for effectiveness and advancement. Sylvie has written the right book for the right time, for the right reasons; this should be required reading for MBAs past, present, and future.”

Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Ph.D. Professor Hofstra University

“Sylvie says, “People packaging is what I do.” She is right. And she is great at it. In The Image of Leadership, Sylvie combines my marketing requirements of critical thinking and gut instinct. She uses scientific research, her years of experience, and, interestingly, her unique view as a European, to hone in on everything you need to do to improve your professional imprint.”

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author & Sometime Cowboy