Start with loving yourself. And love yourself just a little bit more than everybody else does!

Sylvie di Giusto, Sharon Williams, Love yourself, Executive Image Consulting, The Image of Leadership“Join the movement! Time to re-discover the meaning of beauty!” is something Sharon Williams, owner of Real Beauty a to z, shouts from her virtual rooftop when you visit her website, or talk to her in person. “The issue is not so much what everyone else sees when they look at us, but the problem is in what WE see when we look at ourselves.” is something she lets you know.

As image consultants, we provide our valued clients with tips and tricks on how to appear one or two inches taller or shorter, one or two sizes thinner or heavier, one or two years older or younger, or one or two teeny-tiny tricks to look more or less feminine.

But I also stress that you cannot change the fundamentals: someone short will never be tall, someone overweight will never look skinny, and a women should never try to look like a man. Instead, it’s so much more important that you are confident about your body, age. color and gender. Otherwise, all those tips and tricks won’t work anyway.

When talking about this with my clients, most of them agree that confidence begins with your attitude towards the body you inhabit. Tall or short, fat or lean, old our young, black or white, curly or not – a confident person works with the body he or she has. Confident people don’t complain about their body issues; they simply love, value and treasure themselves the way they are.

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“Time to start seeing it, being it, and loving it! ” is how Sharon describes it, when she writes about the way we see ourselves and think about beauty in her blog. On one of my first stops during my book tour I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sharon and discuss the importance of self-image on her blog. Check out some of the fun, interesting and profound questions she asked me during my interview with her. I’m sure they make you want to read more.

  • “What are some of the major shifts that you have seen (if any) in your field? Have you seen a demand or decline in any particular area?”
  • “We have many women turning to surgery in an attempt to fit in. How does what you do help women to shine as well as reclaim their true identity?”
  • “What advice would you share to women of color about  hair styles and how they are perceived?”
  • “What words of wisdom can you share to help us get past the point where little girls don’t have to wish that their skin was a different shade?”
  • “I feel that everyone has an innate desire to standout. Could your share just one quick tip on how each of us can enhance our own presence?”

Check out the entire interview on her blog Real Beauty A to Z. I also encourage you to take a look at Sharon’s book “The ABCs of Real Beauty“, available on Amazon.

What you think of yourself is very important. What others think or say about you is important as well. And very often both is related to each other. Do you feel sorry for yourself? Do you feel that you just don’t have the chance in career that others have? Do you feel that somehow you’ve been cheated on your career path? I just love hearing from you.


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