Don’t let fear of asking get into your way

Jeffrey Hayzlett, The Image of Leadership, Sylvie di GiustoIronically my first stop during my virtual book tour was at a local place. I stopped by The Hayzlett Group with a basket full of bacon and the first printed copies of The Image of Leadership to meet the cowboy of the boardrooms Jeffrey W. Hayzlett. I follow Jeffrey since quite a while and probably have seen every single episode of C-Suite on Bloomberg TV. While visiting some of the biggest top companies Jeffrey offers an insight into corporate America’s boardrooms and discusses the decisions made by C-Suiters, always dressed in a well-fitted bright pink dress shirt and with cowboy boots in every single episode. In between his exciting business adventures you can also find him riding a horseback, raving about all variations of bacon or shooting a cannonball at the real Hayzlett Group headquarter in South Dakota.

I know what you are thinking. South Dakota? Really? Why would a global business celebrity and primetime television show host live and work in South Dakota? Luckily, I also know what Jeffrey would respond to you in his rough and tough voice: “Because I can!”

I did not always know what he thinks though. After I finally had the pleasure to meet and experience him as a speaker and guest of New York’s NSA chapter I tortured myself for quite a while. How could I make him write the foreword for The Image of Leadership? Will he let me pay for writing it? Which relationship could I use to get in contact with him? What could I send over as a gift to convince him? Possibly bacon, right? Hundreds of questions went through my mind. And suddenly it hit me. I asked myself, what would Jeffrey do if he were me? He would simply ask.

That’s exactly what I did. I simply asked. I asked a global business celebrity, primetime television host, renowned business and marketing keynote speaker and author of one of my favorite books Running The Gauntlet. Seriously, it still makes me giggle, I simply asked. Asking for help can be surprisingly hard and it comes with a lot of fear. What if he says “no” to my request? What if he ignores my request? What if he sees my request as a waste of time? What if he doesn’t like the topic or the book at all? What if he declines because it’s my first book?

“Fear stops most people. Change agents welcome it. Get past your fear. Act with confidence and be willing to be a beginner.”

It’s something I’ve read in Running the Gauntlet. The greatest mistake you can make in your career or business is continually fearing you will fail. If you plan to write a book, or need help in any other way, don’t let fear stand in the way of asking for help. Look at me! I’ve asked the roughest and toughest business cowboy, who by the way not always has been a cowboy in his life. In fact he once had to ask a 14-year-old-girl for help to show him saddle a horse. It’s something else you can read in Running the Gauntlet. It’s an awesome book. Go get, it! In the meantime, I’ve to get back to work, because ..

“Just because you killed a cow doesn’t mean you’re gonna eat steak for dinner. There’s lots of messy work to do, and none of it is easy.”

Guess where I learned that? ;-


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What are your thoughts? Is it hard or easy for you to ask for help? I just love hearing from you.

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