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Sylvie di Giusto, The Image of Leadership, Executive Image Consulting, Corporate Trainer and Speaker, Image Consultant, New York, Surround yourself with great peopleFor ages I had the idea of writing a book. There are many reasons to write one. If done right it makes you look like an expert, it makes you and your services more valuable, you will get great attention, you will learn a lot for yourself, you will get a better communicator in general, and you might actually help someone.

Yes, all those visions became real and true, and I’ll forever be thankful. However, at the beginning of this project I had quite another goal. I’m going to be really honest with you, and probably more honest than any author has ever been before.

What urged me to write a book has been the simple idea to end up on someone’s bookshelf. Don’t judge me, but it truly sounds appealing to me that someone lays their hands on my thoughts, printed on actual real paper, and kept in someone’s bookshelf.

When one of my valued clients send me this picture of her bookshelf it hit me suddenly. I’ve reached my goal. Not only did I write that damn book, it really ended up on someone’s bookshelf — accompanied by other written masterpieces.

Nowadays, a book won’t sell a million copies and it won’t pay your rent. Yet, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Why? Books are hard to write and everybody knows and acknowledges that.

I’ve received messages and e-mails from people all over the world. People I haven’t spoken since ages reached out to me to congratulate. My closest friends, near or far, and even some unknown readers shared “THE” big moment with me. Pictures of them proudly holding my book and celebrating this milestone with me arrived in my mailbox.


This experience has really changed my mind. It doesn’t matter how talented or smart you are, which skills and experience you might have, where you come from or what you have to tell the world in your book. All that counts are the people you surround yourself with. Those who acknowledge the hard work it takes to write a book, those who celebrate your success with you, those who value the research it takes and the idea that you’ve spent months refining and articulating in your head. 

“It’s truly important to surround yourself with great people . Those who are smart, driven and like-minded, and who reflect the person you want to be. It’s me who is lucky to be surrounded by nothing but great ones.”

Take some time today to think about who you want in your life and your career, and how you can surround yourself with them. Because, if you want to achieve great things in your business or your personal life then you have to surround yourself with the right people. Are they passionate about what you do? Are they driven with the same work ethic you have? Will they celebrate your and their success? I just love hearing from you.


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