You might not have noticed yet, but there is something fascinating about Chips packaging. The most successful brands have something in common: Usually the package shows a picture of the chips on the outside.”

Sylvie di Giusto, Author, Speaker, Coach & Owner of Executive Image Consulting

It’s a common saying: “A picture is worth a thousands words.” What you see on the outside is exactly what you get on the inside. But, often what’s shown on the outside is not really what you get on the inside. Yes, there are chips inside, but not those perfectly shaped and intact chips in a fresh and appealing way we just saw on the outside. However, we accept the scam. With a perfect appearance on the outside, people willingly buy into you and might still accept you if you’re not as perfect on the inside. The other way around is invariably much harder.

And, there are expectations. How would the package of chips would look if we bought the spicy version? Specifically, what color would the package designer use? I guess, you instantly thought about “red.” We have certain expectations for what things look like; it’s a pattern, a map something our brain is already trained for, based on our experiences and personal history. While leaders come in different shapes and sizes, there are still certain expectations of how we want them to look.

Sylvie di Giusto, Image Consultant, New York, Executive Image Consulting, The Image of Leadership, Motivational Speaker, Professional Speaker, Corporate TrainerEveryone has the chance to present a package that represents their product in the best possible way. It’s me who can help you design this packaging – for yourself, or for your company’s employees. Because, …

People Packaging is what I do … 

Seven seconds is all it takes to make a first impression.

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The Image of Leadership, Sylvie di Giusto, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Author, Image Consultant, Consulting

Do you have employees who don’t accurately represent your company’s image? Have they been hired even if they don’t support and promote you well? Do your senior executives, young professionals, or new employees understand the power of image? Do you want your executives to maximize their potential? Do your employees misinterpret your corporate culture? 

Sylvie di Giusto has twenty years of corporate experience educating and inspiring thousands of clients around the world. She has become a recognized member of the international business community because she worked with and performed for every strata of management from CEOs to young executives within the finance, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, retail, consulting, entertainment and tourism industries. She has long been fascinated by the power of image and the way people can use their personal brand to positively influence their own career. Her ability to empower people, her corporate background and her passion for fashion has led to her launching Executive Image Consulting.

As an exceptional speaker, an effective trainer, and an enthusiastic coach she uses her extensive corporate experience to help clients to project a powerful visual image onto their target market, within the first seconds of being seen. She uses a series of core marketing principles and packaging design knowledge to develop strong visual brand aesthetics for her clients, because successful packaging designer sell an experience through their packaging. Perception, perception, perception. It’s all about perception!

Sylvie brings awareness to everything from clothing and speech to posture and online presence. If your employees can convey trustworthiness, competence, a level of sophistication and professional desirability – within seven seconds of meeting your clients – your company will appear genuine, strong and capable. Successful companies therefore invest in the image of their employees and understand it is crucial to their reputation to implement professional image training.

To those companies and organizations, Sylvie offers

  • corporate group training & workshops
  • interactive lunch & learns
  • keynotes at conferences or public events
  • online webinars & hybrid learning programs
  • individual or group coaching sessions
  • workshops and consultations

for everyone from senior executives to emerging leaders and new employees.

Participants will be able to create a visual presence that reflects terms such as success, power, excitement, value, integrity, and innovation. They will walk away with valuable take-away tools, practical techniques, and adaptable solutions.

Each of her events will be individually tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your industry, employees, teams, and companies. Sylvie’s presentation style is authentic and professional. She is motivating and entertaining, however she won’t detract from the focus of the session with inspirational clichés and overzealous manner.

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