Words have power – They connect people, open doors, and build bridges

Words have power, Sylvie di Giusto, The Image of Leadership, Executive Image ConsultingIt was one of those super “busy” mornings when a little sticky note attached to my computer reminded me: “Don’t be busy. Be productive.”

That was a thought @PatrickAllmond once shared on Twitter, probably not knowing his message would end up flanking the side of my computer. That day, I asked for his permission to quote him in my upcoming book and to kindly provide some more advice for my readers. I then reached out to @MarkSanborn who I admire for the great leadership wisdom he shares. I asked @BruceVH who is another inspirational source of mine, and both kindly agreed to help also. At one point, I’ve asked all of them – my entire social media network –  to share their thoughts about #TheImageOfLeadership. The rest – as they say – is history…

It was also the day @AlGetler, a true leader, insightful business person and professional speaker himself, joined the conversation with a sweet and short tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.00.38 PM

Today, I’m proud that @AlGetler and many others have become part of my book. I invite you to meet all of them at the Wall of Fame), and I also invite you to stop by at Al’s website to hear about his experience and point of view of being part of this Twitter Marathon. Needless to say I also have been thrilled to be invited as a guest to one of Al’s Lead or be Led TV episodes. It’s where he regularly interviews experts, practitioners, authors, educators and speakers on how to lead or be led. Check out the interview on Al’s Youtube Channel:

It started with 140 characters and ended with a twenty minute conversation about how you package yourself as a leader. It shows how powerful our words can be. We often think of a tweet as just a little character blurb thrown out into cyber space. Our tweets may be short and sweet, but they’re long on impact. Words have power. They can change thoughts, plans, stories – even books.

As a leader I want you to remember that your words have power and influence. No matter how many, now matter how long. Before you speak, think. Will your words hurt or help? Will they discourage or surprise, excite, inspire, motive and challenge others?

Words have power. They connect people, open doors, build bridges, and engage the world. So you might not be surprised that I want you to join the conversation! Share your words with me and all followers of #TheImageOfLeadership.

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